I'm really glad you'd like me to have a look at your track to record / mix.

Bear in mind that I am a professional full time Musician and Engineer. I rarely work for free. When I offer to work on tracks for free, I have a specific outcome in mind.

In this case, I am looking for some different and interesting songs to work on and release in Stereo and Atmos that I can put out to demonstrate my work at White Room.

Therefore, anything I mix under these conditions will be released via my distribution system to 150+ stereo streaming services and the handful of distributors distributing Atmos.


You will retain 100% of the rights to your music and I claim no rights over the ownships of your songs.

Our streaming distribution system pays 100% of the streaming revenue to "us" via designated Paypal accounts on a 50/50 Mixer/Artist split for my work in mixing and releasing the song.

To have your song considered for mixing and releasing, please fill in the form below.

I'm aiming to work with genuine artists who are enthusiastic and active in promoting and growing their artist brand so if you include links to your sites, music and socials, it'll help me make the decision to work with you.

For mixing, you'll need access to the WAV multi-tracks. I cannot work from MP3 or other compressed media.