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Muti-track, Phase Coherent, Quantising

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MIDI Editing

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Audio Clip Editing

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Melodyne Pitch correction
And re-timing

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Warp Editing

White Room Production and Recording Studio is the home of Audio Engineer and Musician Dave Phillips. Dave has spent over 20 years working professionally in the industry as a musician, graduating School of Sound Recording in 2003 and again in 2013 with a full BA with Honours, specialising in Performance and Production. He is an Avid Certified Pro Tools Expert and Trainer for Avid, teaching Pro Tools on behalf of Avid at ALP locations across the UK, and lectures Advanced Mixing weekly for Point Blank Music Schools.
He also produces the Youtube show "Pro Tools Answers".

Being a multi-instrumentalist musician and vocalist gives him a unique ability to arrange and produce full arrangements for his clients, with many of White Room's clients being singer-songwriters who come to the studio with a basic guitar/piano idea and working with Dave to produce interesting and authentic arrangements for Bass, Drums, Synths, Strings, Brass and harmonies.

Dave is an expert audio and MIDI editor, an expert in quantising and pitch correction and is available to take in Audio and MIDI from external engineers who need their sessions preparing for mixing.

White Room has an extensive collection of MIDI Synths and Samplers which external musicians can tap into by sending in their MIDI files and instructions as to what they're after. White Room regularly broadcasts lessons over Zoom, which would enable us to sound design synth patches, drums sounds, Brass articulations, etc with you live in a stream appointment.

Further to the collection of MIDI, White Room has a Kemper Profiling Amp for those who are looking for specific Guitar and Bass amp/cab flavours for their work. Send in your DI'd audio files for re-amping with pretty much any sound and tone you're after. As before, live Zoom appointments are available for sound designing your Guitar / Bass sounds.